Speedrunner/ platformer
Team Size
(3 designers)
My part
Game-, Level-, Mechannics design
4 weeks, 2020

Pok´our is a fast paced speed runner that combines the old mesoamerican ball sport "Pok-Ta-Pok" and parkour. 

The goal of the game is to run the course as fast as possible by mastering parkour moves and hitting hoops with the Pok-Ta-Pok ball.

Download game! (.zip 128 MB)

Changing environment

We wanted the player to be able to affect the world. By hitting the hoops placed in the world, the player can alter the course to find alternative routes

This really helped me and my college that designed the level to find interesting ways to make use of the parkour movement.

Even us level designers were surprised when suddenly finding faster ways to complete the level!

This is then sent to an object that holds an array of all the objects that should move:

Level Design

Me and another designer, Sebastian Lund, created this map. We worked closely with the 2D and 3D artists to streamline the work:

1. Initial blockout and playtest     

by Design

2. Paint over

by 2D artists

3. Level dressing

by Design and 3D artists.


We had some troubles pretty late in the development with playtesters not knowing which way to run, so we decided to create a large vista by the end of the level. 


A huge temple with a beam of light, visible from the start, was placed to guide the player the right way.

Wrap-around Respawn


We didn't want the player to die when falling of the course, but to wrap around and respawn by the nearest checkpoint. This is what I made using blueprints.


For that extra feeling of speed, I added a dolly-zoom effect on the camera when moving fast: