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2D Survival Arcade
Team Size
Solo Project
My part
Game &
Mechannics design
2 weeks

Vacuum is a game where you must defend your planet from celestial bodies falling from the skies. Use your cursor to control a "Sucker" that will draw them in and give you spendable resources. 

Upgrade either your sucker or build a cannon that will give you the upper hand!

The Experience

Smooth with focus on what's fun

The goal of this project was to create a smooth and fun experience within a set time frame, two weeks of spare time. I started out with an idea where you'd only be able to catch bodies smaller than yourself and lose health if you catch a bigger one.


But after prototyping, I realized that the fun part of the game was to see a lot of bodies being drawn into the sucker. I adapted the game and focused on what's fun.

Throughout the project, I aimed on giving the player a smooth and satisfactory experience, including the sounds, menu and interactions.


Body Behaviour

This code tells the falling bodies how to behave. It holds a list that allows you to change the amount of bodies spawned, their size, speed etc. It also makes sure they respawn once they get "destroyed" or hits the planet.

Show script | behavior of falling bodies

Menu Button

The menu "buttons" activate once you've held your sucker over it for a time. Visuals and sounds give feedback on the remaining time. 

Check the video with sound!

This also teaches the player that the sucker can dock onto these symbols, as it's used the same way in-game.

Show script | menu buttons

Art Style





The art style is very simplistic and easy to read. I use only black and white for all objects, and yellow to guide the player where to go.


I use bloom and other effects to create a more retro-looking style.

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