52nd STATE

Shoot 'rm up
Team Size
Solo project
My part
Game-, Level-, Mechannics design
4 months

52nd State was my first larger solo project I made in Unity. It's a humorous top down shoot-them-up game where gore and eye-candy is highly emphasized.


The player must survive endless waves of enemies, by purchasing new weapons and upgrades for the players vehicle.


I wanted the player to face interesting and fun enemies, so I made several enemies with different characteristics

Enemy types:


Fast & Weak

Slow & Weak

Slow & Tough



The different enemy types made it much easier for me to create interesting gameplay, but increased the time required to balance everything.


The player earns cash by killing enemies and finishing waves within a limited time. The cash can be spent at the player's garage to buy upgrades. 


I wanted most of the vehicle's stats to be upgradable to allow deeper customization and varying playthroughs.


There are many weapons to chose from, each with unique characteristics  and funcitons.

Vehicle upgrades

Lots of ways to upgrade your vehicle allows customization and greater replayability.

What I learned

This was my very first larger game made with C#, made before my time at Future Games in my spare time. Stubbornness and passion drove me forward, and everything in this game is what I taught myself. My goal was simply to learn more about the basics of programming. My C# knowledge was limited at the time, and I know there are many ways to improve everything from performance to graphics. 

Though the game may not be optimized, I did put a lot of love into this project. I focused on learning and creating a really fun game with high replayability.