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As you've probably understood by now, my name is Johan Hyberg, and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm a Technical Designer on Systemic Recation, a creative division of Avalance Studios Group. As a Technical Designer, I get to both work in-editor as well as help out with designing the game. 


I’ve always been interested in computers - how they work and what you can do with them. To me, games are an art style like no other. It brings people together and allows players to interact in any kind of imaginary world. 

Teamwork is something I'm very familiar with and also enjoy, as it brings more ideas to the table and you're able to pick the best ones and adapt it more easily!

As a person, I'm calm and analytic, I'm not afraid of exploring wild ideas or learning new tools. When creating games, I ask a lot of questions, tries to see the project as a whole and I'm always working with the player's experience in focus!

Before Future Games

I was a facility technician for about six years, where teamwork and responsibility were very important. But after realizing I could make a career in game development, I had to quit my work and focus on that.

I've always loved playing and creating games, and I've done both since I was a small kid.

Besides games

Another interest of mine is music and I’m currently the drummer in a punk rock band, and I love playing at pubs or smaller gigs! In the summertime, I pack my bag and go for a week-long hike alone or with friends. 

Technical Design

This is the area of development I find most interesting. The mechanics of a game are like the heart and lungs of a person, it makes the game work. That's why it's so important that they work as intended.

Level design

Creating a world ​does have a special sound to it and to me that's something really interesting. I love designing levels that makes the player think and that gives an experience worth remembering. 

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