First Person Shooter
Team Size
Solo project
My part
Game-, AI-, Level-, Mechannics design
12 months
(spare time

Dunes is a first-person shooter in a low poly setting.

Take control over and defend sectors on the map in order to gather enemy intelligence and return to your helicopter.

Traps and Turrets

The game emphasizes building defenses. The player has to fortify sectors so they´re not lost to the enemy. This adds an interesting balance between offensive, defensive, and strategic gameplay.

Defenses cost resources, which is found in the world or dropped by enemies.

Show script | placement of defenses

Gameplay loop &

Level Design


When the game starts, the is dropped by a helicopter in the western base and there are several enemies on all sectors. The player have to capture and hold all four sectors in order to "unlock" the hard gate in the enemy spawn, which holds the final objective. After the objective is picked up, the helicopter returns and picks up the player.

  • No straight paths between sectors.

  • Obstacles, especially by the sectors.

  • Enemies attack sectors in intervals.

AI Behaviour

All enemies in the game follows the same behavior pattern. When a new wave spawns, each enemy get a target point inside a sector, and will run there to capture it.

If they at any time sees or hears the player or a turret, they will temporary cancel the current task and run to attack/search for the player. 

Show script | enemy targeting & shooting
Show script | enemy state controller


Shooting in full auto will make bullets spread uncontrollable, while bursting is more accurate.

Full auto


Show script | weapon handling


I chose a low poly, flat shaded art style, since that would not require too much time being spent in 3D-modeling.


Most of the 3D-models are made by me, and some are from bought asset packs.