Weapon Wheel Remake

UI Remake
Team Size
Execution: Solo
Idea: 2 Designers
My part
Idea, Prototyping, Adobe Xd
Adobe Xd
1 week

This is a prototype of a new version of the weapon selection wheel in Grand Theft Auto V. 

I worked together with Kristoffer Brander coming up with what to improve, then split up doing separate prototypes.

Old vs. New


The problem with the old one is that the player don't know which weapons are in what category - meaning the player have to scroll through the categories to find a specific weapon. 


In the new version, the player can see all weapons inside each category, greatly improving clarity and the time it takes to select.


The goal was to remake one or more UI elements of a subject game. We started of by analyzing Grand Theft Auto 5, to find what UI needed a remake.


We divided the game loop into personas, according to what state of the game they were:


When we had the personas, it was easy to create an artefact to see what personas used what element. We added a variable called "Attention Required" to get a better view if there were any elements needed to change.

This clearly shows that the "Tutorial text" needed a serious remake, since it pops up during heavy action moments, and requires the player to read a lot of text.

(Kristoffer worked on this prototype)

The weapon wheel is in the right place, but its design needed a remake due to not being very user friendly.

Making the prototype

We discussed how to improve these by drawing ideas on a Miro-board.


After analyzing and discussing, I started creating the prototype. But first, learning the basics of Adobe Xd.